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Croquant Products

Croquant, from the French for 'crunchy', refers to a delicious combination of caramelised sugar and almonds. The cups are ideal as chocolate petit-four cases as they are, or pre-dipped in chocolate to prevent moisture getting in.

The discs and squares can be used as a base onto which a filling is piped, to sandwich a filling before dipping or just within a chocolate as a crunchy layer.

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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SCN600Almond Croquant; GranularAlmonds 30% Sugar 34.3%2.5kg box2£28.98
SCN610Hazel Hard Croquant; GranularHazelnuts 30% Sugar 35%2.5kg tub7£29.17
Kessko Croquant Cups & Shapes
SCN510Croquant Discs (Flat); 25mm roundApprox 650 per kg3kg tub1£58.17
SCN550Croquant Discs (Flat); 20mm round (E08412)Approx 1115 per kg3kg tub3£58.17
SCN650Croquant Half Spheres; 25mmApprox 0.8kg; Approx 441 per boxBox of 4412£37.29
SCN670Croquant Half Eggs; 40mm162 x flat base, 162 x rounded1kg boxTo Order Only£35.83
SCN700Almond Croquant Round Cups; Flat Base; 26mmApprox 441 per kg1kg box-£35.56