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Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter & Cocoa Mass

Couverture is essentially made of cocoa mass (except in white couverture), cocoa butter, sugar and dairy products (except in plain couverture). Pure cocoa mass and cocoa butter can then be used to alter the characteristics of a basic couverture or a filling.

For instance, if a chocolate with the taste you're looking for is just a little too viscous for a particular enrobing line, it is possible to increase its fluidity by adding a little cocoa butter. Cocoa mass would generally be used to enhance the bitterness of a chocolate, although this would also have the added effect of decreasing its fluidity.

Please note that cocoa powders will change colour depending on the application to which the powder is applied.


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SCC457DeZaan Cocoa Powder; Red-Brown; 20-22%Mild Flavour with Fruity Acidic notes (PH7.0)5kg bag112£29.06
SCC458DeZaan Cocoa Powder; Light Brown; 22-24%Mild Chocolate Flavour/Creamy (PH7.4)5kg bag118£29.85
SCC401Cocoa MassChips; Cocoa Butter 53% min3kg tub4£31.55
SCC409Pure Cocoa ButterChips; 100% Cocoa Butter5kg box7£61.79
SCC399BCocoa Mass (Unsweetened)Chips; C/S 100%; F 54%20kg box8£135.93
SCC400Cocoa MassChips; C/S 100%; F 53%2.5kg box11£17.54
SCC411ACocoa Butter (CB-655)Tub; Min C/S 98%; F 100%4kg tub22£54.70
SCC412ABeurre de Cacao Mycryo100% powdered cocoa butter600g box50£9.38
SCC413Cocoa Butter in Callets100% cocoa butter3kg tub41£43.33
SCC417CCallebaut Cocoa Nibs0.8kg bag47£7.20
SCC424Chocolate Powder (CHOC-PNV-782)Sack; 100% Chocolate20kg sack1£137.38
SCC435Cocoa Powder; Light BrownFat 10/12%25kg sack1£155.56
Cacao Barry
SCC450Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder; Plein AromeDark Brown; F 22/24%1kg sachet413£7.69
SCC451Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder; Plein AromeDark Brown; F 22/24%2.5kg65£18.88
SCC455Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder; Extra-bruteRed; F 22/24%1kg sachet408£7.69
SCC456Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder; Extra-bruteRed; F 22/24%2.5kg20£18.91
SCC930CasaLuker Cacao; Cocoa Powder 22-24%Natural1kg bag67£6.03
SCC931CasaLuker Cacao; Cocoa ButterNatural1kg bag26£10.56
SCC932CasaLuker Cacao; Cocoa MassColombian1kg bag11£7.71
SCC940CasaLuker Maracas; Dark Chocolate Cocoa NibsFino de Aroma1kg bag28£7.09
SCC941CasaLuker Maracas; Roasted Cocoa NibsPure Fino de Aroma Nibs1kg bag66£8.38