Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter (or theobroma oil) is a useful tool in any chocolatier or pastry chef’s kit, adding a creamy texture to everything from cakes and ice cream to hot chocolates, and more. 

Created during the latter stages of the cocoa production process, cocoa butter is a plant-based fat and is used in a variety of ways by the food and cosmetics industries.  

Apart from being the key ingredient in our favourite confection; chocolate, cocoa butter can also be used to add fluidity to chocolate grades for easier enrobing. The higher the cocoa butter content of a chocolate, the more easily it will melt in the mouth! 

Vegan and dairy-free, cacao butter is a kitchen essential that can be used in sweet and savoury dishes, added to your favourite chocolate grades to increase their shine and snap, or mixed into ice cream for a smoother mouthfeel and slower melting rate. 

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Luker Chocolate

Luker Chocolate; Cocoa Butter

100% Natural

SCC9931 (previously SCC931)

In-stock: 99

£13.41 1kg bag


Cocoa Butter (CB-655)

Tub; Minimum Cocoa Solids 98%; Fat 100%

SCC1411A (previously SCC411A)

In-stock: 29

£92.33 4kg tub


Beurre de Cacao Mycryo

100% powdered cocoa butter

SCC1412A (previously SCC412A)

Pure cocoa butter in powder form! MycryoTM is a wonderful multi-application product for both chocolate and savoury cook...

In-stock: 78

£16.28 600g box


Cocoa Butter in Callets

100% cocoa butter

SCC1413 (previously SCC413)

In-stock: 88

£75.03 3kg tub


Pure Cocoa Butter

SCC9408 (previously SCC408)

100% pure cocoa butter is ideal for increasing the fluidity of your chocolate (cocoa butter still needs tempering, or ma...

In-stock: 21

£60.92 4kg tub