Our brands include Cacao Barry, Callebaut, CasaLuker, Schokinag, Veliche Gourmet and Lubeca. Each has a distinctive identity and heritage which has contributed to the differing characteristics of each of their ranges. In addition to our standard grades, we supply various organic, fairtrade and special 'free from' grades aimed at the health-conscious segment.

Whether you want to eat it, drink it, pour it on your ice cream or make cocktails with it, with well over 100 different grades of chocolate in varying pack sizes, you are guaranteed to find the particular grade or flavour that suits your exact needs at a price point that works for you.

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Callebaut Orange Flavour/Colour

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 29%


(Callebaut Code: ORANGE-E4-U70)   Orange taste and orange colour. Live life in colour. Here's a great chocolat...

In-stock: 89

£27.09 2.5kg bag


Callebaut Lemon Flavour/ Lime Colour

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 27.5%


(Callebaut Code: LEMON-E4-U70)   Strawberry, orange and lemon flavoured chocolates are based on white chocolate wi...

In-stock: 22

£28.44 2.5kg bag


Callebaut Honey Flavour

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 32.8%


(Callebaut Code: CHF-Q1HONEY-E4-U70)   A mix of pure, natural delights – milk chocolate and honey. Honey Cal...

In-stock: 14

£26.36 2.5kg bag


Callebaut Gold; White Chocolate with Caramel

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 30.4%


(Callebaut Code: CHK-R30GOLD-E4-U70)   Expertly crafted and composed from a fine selection of ingredients such as...

In-stock: 51

£22.24 2.5kg bag

Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry Zephyr Caramel

Chips; Min C/S 35%


(Cacao Barry Code: CHK-N35ZECA-E4-U70)   Zéphyr™ 34% white chocolate is recognised worldwide by...

In-stock: 42

£32.46 2.5kg