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Chocolate & Sugar Décor

Whether garnishing a gateau or topping a truffle, the Décor section is full of great ideas for providing that all important finishing touch to individual chocolates, desserts and patisserie.

Many of the items below are also exclusive to Keylink.

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Chocolate Plaquettes
SDC106Joany Hearts Chocolate PlaquettesDia 22mm x 25mm; Assorted DesignsBox of 308-£24.97
SDC107Chicken Hector - White ChocolateWings 29x38mm, Comb 20x35mm, Beak - 56 SetsBox of 224-£23.60
SDC108Bunnies Brown & White - Milk ChocolateEars 55x22mm Face 29x35mm - 72 SetsBox of 216-£22.00
SDC109Bunnies Brown & Purple - Milk ChocolateEars 55x22mm Face 29x35mm - 72 SetsBox of 2167£22.00
SDC110Eyes Black & Blue - White Chocolate18mm x 20mm (96 pairs)Box of 1925£14.30
SDC111Eyes Black & Brown - White Chocolate15mm x 15mm - 96 SetsBox of 192-£15.37
SDC112Dark Choc Moustache Plaques; Ass'd Colours24mm x 72mmBox of 1207£26.22
SDC113Antlers Milk Chocolate Plaquette25mm x 55mm (80 pairs)Box of 1608£23.24
SDC114Rudolph's Nose White Chocolate Plaquette27mm x 18mmBox of 40016£24.21
SDC116Igloo Dark Chocolate Plaquette40mm x 25mmBox of 2244£22.00
SDC117Winter Skis Dark Chocolate Plaquette18mm x 48mmBox of 2401£22.00
SDC119Rudolph Dark Chocolate Plaquette; 5 designs30mm x 30mm; E100, E120, E162, E171Box of 252-£24.97
SDC120Champagne Bottle Dark Chocolate Plaquette18mm x 50mmBox of 240-£22.00
SDC121Rabbit Plaque Caramel Dore (MALAN)35mm x 28mmBox of 2247£26.79
SDC122Flowers Plaque Caramel Dore (Damarila)35mm x 28mmBox of 308-£25.55
SDC123Dotty Egg Plaque Caramel Dore (Epixy)29mm x 18.5mmBox of 36014£26.79
SDC124Easter Egg Plaque White Choc (Almir)29 x 18.5mmBox of 3604£24.97
SDC125Happy Easter Plaque30 x 30mmBox of 25213£24.21
SDC127Easter Dotty Egg Plaques (Blingies)29 x 18.5mmBox of 36015£26.22
SDC128Santa Seal Plaques32mm x 32mm; 2 ColourBox of 70-£17.72
Chocolate Décor
SDS856Plain Chocolate Shavings; StandardMin C/S 54.45%2.5kg box11£14.47
SDS857Milk Chocolate Shavings; StandardMin C/S 35.5%2.5kg box-£15.60
SDS858White Chocolate Shavings; StandardMin C/S 29.17%2.5kg box-£15.90
SDS860Plain Chocolate Curls/Blossoms; StandardMin C/S 54.45%4kg box34£22.70
SDS860PPlain Chocolate Curls/Blossoms; StandardMin C/S 54.45%500g tub11£4.40
SDS861Milk Chocolate Curls/Blossoms; StandardMin C/S 35.5%4kg box5£25.28
SDS861PMilk Chocolate Curls/Blossoms; StandardMin C/S 35.5%500g tub19£4.73
SDS862White Chocolate Curls/Blossoms; StandardMin C/S 29.17%4kg box17£25.87
SDS862PWhite Chocolate Curls/Blossoms; StandardMin C/S 29.17%500g tub13£4.80
SDS870Plain Chocolate SpaghettiMin C/S 54.45%2.5kg4£16.55
SDS870PPlain Chocolate SpaghettiMin C/S 54.45%500g tub7£4.88
SDS871Milk Chocolate SpaghettiMin C/S 35.5%2.5kg1£17.70
SDS871PMilk Chocolate SpaghettiMin C/S 35.5%500g tub5£5.11
SDS872White Chocolate SpaghettiMin C/S 29.17%2.5kg-£18.48
SDS872PWhite Chocolate SpaghettiMin C/S 29.17%500g tub1£5.26
SDS873Strawberry Curls/BlossomsMin C/S 29.2%4kg17£35.38
SDS873PStrawberry Curls/BlossomsMin C/S 29.2%500g tub14£5.99
SDS874Caramel Curls/BlossomsMin C/S 29.9%4kg10£35.38
SDS874PCaramel Curls/BlossomsMin C/S 29.9%500g tub10£5.99
SDS875Multi Coloured Marbled Curls/BlossomsApprox. C/S 41.81% Average4kg15£24.09
SDS875PMulti Coloured Marbled Curls/BlossomsApprox. C/S 41.81% Average500g tub12£4.58
SDS877Orange Curls/BlossomsMin C/S 28.5%4kg6£35.38
SDS877POrange Curls/BlossomsMin C/S 28.5%500g tub6£5.99
SDC150Small Plain Chocolate StarsDia 25mm x 5mmBox of 35278£8.61
SDC152Small Milk Chocolate StarsDia 25mm x 5mmBox of 35270£9.48
SDC154Small White Chocolate StarsDia 25mm x 5mmBox of 35217/10/17£8.70
SDS842Plain Chocolate Cigarellos; 10cm StandardMin C/S 54.45%; Approx 300 per 2kg2kg box-£20.63
SDS843Milk Chocolate Cigarellos; 10cm StandardMin C/S 35.5%; Approx 300 per 2kg2kg box7£22.18
SDS844White Chocolate Cigarellos; 10cm StandardMin C/S 29.17%; Approx 300 per 2kg2kg box-£22.80
SDS845Plain Chocolate Cigarellos; 10cm StandardMin C/S 54.45%; Approx 80 per 500g500g box4£5.49
SDS846Milk Chocolate Cigarellos; 10cm StandardMin C/S 35.5%; Approx 80 per 500g500g box17£5.91
SDS847White Chocolate Cigarellos; 10cm StandardMin C/S 29.17%; Approx 80 per 500g500g box10£6.06
SDS848Duo Milk/White Choc Cigarellos; 10cm StandardMin C/S 32.75%; Approx 300 per 2kg2kg box-£22.47
SDS849Duo Milk/White Choc Cigarellos; 10cm StandardMin C/S 32.75%; Approx 80 per 500g500g box11£5.99
SDS821Mini Chocolate Crisp Pearls425g box5£5.48
SDS822Callbaut Mini ChocRocks600g box7£5.23
SDS825Plain Chocolate Vermicelli; CHK-D-E4-U72Bag; C/S 43.1% Sugar 53%5kg bag4£32.84
SDS826Milk Chocolate Vermicelli; CHK-M-E4-U72Bag; C/S 27.7% Sugar 55.5% M/S 13.6%5kg bag7£39.07
SDS827APlain Chocolate VermicelliBag; C/S 43.1% Sugar 53%1kg bag12£6.82
SDS829AWhite Chocolate Vermicelli; CHK-W-445Bag; C/S 23.5% Sugar 55.5%1kg bag9£8.16
SDS830Plain Chocolate PencilsApprox 205mm long, 5mm dia;Approx 110 per box0.9kg91£13.21
SDS831White Chocolate PencilsApprox 205mm long, 5mm dia;Approx 110 per box0.9kg23£14.21
SDS832Marbled Plain & White Chocolate PencilsApprox 205mm long, 5mm dia;Approx 110 per box0.9kg50£14.68
SDS864Milk Chocolate Splitters; SPLIT-4-M-4484mm Square; C/S 28.5% Sugar 55% M/S 14.5%5kg bag33£39.38
SDS865Plain Chocolate Splitters; SPLIT-4-D-4484mm Square; C/S 38.5% Sugar 57%5kg bag17/10/17£33.02
SDS866AMilk Chocolate Splitters; SPLIT-9-M-4489mm Squares; C/S 27.5% Sugar 55.5% M/S 14.6%20kg boxTo Order Only£156.30
SDS881ACallebaut Milk Chocolate ShavingsMin C/S 28.1%2.5kg bag59£14.14
SDS882ACallebaut Plain Chocolate ShavingsMin C/S 48%2.5kg bag46£12.95
SDS883ACallebaut White Chocolate ShavingsMin C/S 22.5%2.5kg bag53£15.47
SDS884Callebaut Crispearls in Dark ChocolateApprox 4mm dia800g91£8.45
SDS885Callebaut Crispearls in White ChocolateApprox 4mm dia800g24/10/17£9.00
SDS886Callebaut Crispearls in Milk ChocolateApprox 4mm dia800g4£8.75
SDS892Callebaut Strawberry CrispearlsApprox 4mm dia800g15£9.46
SDS893Callebaut Salted Caramel CrispearlsApprox 4mm dia800g-£10.23
SDS894Callebaut Milk Chocolate BlossomsCertified HALAL2.5kg bag41£16.65
SDS812Cacao Barry Plain Chocolate Rubens Pencils10cm; Min C/S 54.8%; 225 pieces per box0.9kg box10£14.80
SDS815Cacao Barry Mini Curls/Blossoms Plain/DarkMin C/S 48%1kg box7£8.66
SDS816Cacao Barry Mini Curls/Blossoms MilkMin C/S 28.1%1kg box20/10/17£8.77
SDS817Cacao Barry Mini Curls/Blossoms WhiteMin C/S 22.5%1kg box4£9.25
SDS887Cacao Barry Plain Chocolate Pearls0.8mm-3.5mm; Min C/S 40.9%1kg box9£8.66
SDS889Cacao Barry Fine Plain Chocolate Pailletes1.5mm-4.3mm; Min C/S 40.9%1kg box1£7.91
SDS850Plain Chocolate Flakes; StandardMin C/S 40%2.5kg box-£15.94
SDS852Milk Chocolate Flakes; StandardMin C/S 25%2.5kg box43£16.13
SDS854White Chocolate Flakes; StandardMin C/S 25%2.5kg box29£19.98
Sugar Décor
SDS560Cacao Barry Coffee Sugar Vermicelli5mm1kg box3£9.68
Flavoured Sugar Crunch
These fantastic sugar crunches add a tasty, colourful crunchy decoration to your chocolates.
SDS555Sugar Crunch; Blackberry350g pack43£10.82
SDS557Sugar Crunch; Mint350g pack-£9.83
SDS558Sugar Crunch; Mocca350g pack25£9.83
Popping Candy
Chocolate coated popping candy is ideal for use as décor on cupcakes, brownies, ice cream and almost anything else you can think of!
SDS900Popping Candy; Milk Chocolate CoatedUsage; Decoration1kg bottle31£23.64