Chocolate Splitters

Callebaut’s Belgian chocolate splitters, or chocolate flakes, are shiny bits of chocolate that are ideal for adding texture and flavour to truffles, cakes and ice creams. These crunchy, glossy decorations come in dark chocolate and milk chocolate, and are naturally polished with an irregular, semi-rectangular shape. 

Also know by their Dutch name, ‘Hagelslag’, chocolate splitters are a classic chocolate decoration and a must-have for every chocolatier’s kitchen. Sprinkle on dipped pralinés or roll ganache truffles, decorate cakes and desserts, or scatter over ice cream and gelato

Splitters are perfect for adding a sophisticated finishing touch to your creations, that also highlights the handmade, artisan nature of your confections. 

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Mona Lisa

Dark Chocolate Splitters

1.5-2.7mm; Cocoa Solids 39.5% Sugar 58%


Dark chocolate splitters add chocolatey texture. Roll truffles in them, use them to decorate chocolate bars, or serve on...

In-stock: 40

£52.55 5kg bag


Milk Chocolate Splitters

Chocolate Flakes; 4mm Square; Cocoa Solids 29.5%, Sugar 55%, M/S 15%


With Milk Chocolate Splitters, you can top off your creations with shimmering, crunchy bits of chocolate that highlight...

In-stock: 60

£11.90 1kg tub