Caramel & Toffee Fillings

Our range of premium caramel and toffee fillings and toppings includes a Bakestable Dulce de Leche, as well as a high-quality salted butter caramel, and all can be used in a variety of mouthwatering ways. Pipe into chocolate shells, add as a layer in desserts such as chocolate mousse, top ice cream and drizzle over crepes, or simply use as a delicious dipping sauce.  

Caramel and toffee fillings can be used to flavour your creations, or to fill chocolate bars, spread on cakes and swirl through brownie batter, giving your confections a luxurious taste with perfectly balanced sweetness. 

Looking for caramel and toffee pieces to sprinkle into and onto your desserts? Take a look at our range of inclusions and decorations

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Building Bridges Ltd

Dulce de Leche Mardel; Bakestable

Soft Milk Toffee Filling; Desserts & Baking


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£8.77 1kg jar

Building Bridges Ltd

Dulce de Leche 'Che'

Soft Milk Toffee Filling


Dulce de Leche is a soft milk toffee filling, perfect for a wide variety of uses.  Use it to fill chocolates, as a...

In-stock: 357

£8.99 1kg tub


Nigay Caramel with Salted Butter

78% Brix


Nigay salted butter caramel is a premium product for a use as a luxurious filling for chocolates, bars, cakes and patiss...

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£70.39 6kg tub




(Callebaut Code: FWF-Z6CARA-X10) Callebaut Caramel.  The former Caramel Fill has been replaced with the Call...

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£43.50 5kg tub