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Biscuit, Rice and Malt Inclusions

GEMEF is a range of versatile biscuit, rice and malt inclusions. Lightweight and oven baked using cereal-based natural ingredients, they can improve the nutritional balance of your products, reduce the volume of chocolate or dough you need, and add a delicious crunch and texture.

Perfect for chocolate, ice cream, cereal bars and biscuits, and used by many of the world’s largest confectionery manufacturers, GEMEF products also complement other inclusions such as fruit and honeycomb, and are an ideal alternative to nuts. Why not combine several GEMEF inclusions together for even more interest and taste?


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
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Standard Pack Size
SCM100PCracBiscuit; Cereal BiscuitRound Grains; Approx. 3.9mm500g tub37.00£3.54
SCM102PCracBiscuit; Cereal BiscuitPieces; Approx. 1-2.2mm500g tub37£3.97
SCM103PCracBiscuit; Cereal BiscuitPieces; Approx. 2-3mm500g tub-£3.97
SCM104PCracRiz; Crisped Rice; Gluten FreeRound Grains; Approx.2.2mm1kg tub26£5.65
SCM106PCracoa; Crispy Brown Biscuit PiecesRound; approx. 3.5mm500g tub8£4.36
SCM108PCracMalt; Malted CerealBiscuit Balls; 6mm dia.500g tub-£3.72
Bulk Pack Size
SCM100CracBiscuit; Cereal BiscuitRound Grains; Approx. 3.9mm14kg box3£58.42
SCM102CracBiscuit; Cereal BiscuitPieces; Approx. 1-2.2mm14kg box1£69.98
SCM103CracBiscuit; Cereal BiscuitPieces; Approx. 2-3mm13kg box-£64.98
SCM104CracRiz; Crisped Rice; Gluten FreeRound Grains; Approx.2.2mm17kg box4£72.62
SCM106Cracoa; Crispy Brown Biscuit PiecesRound; approx. 3.5mm13kg box5£74.61
SCM108ACracMalt; Malted CerealBiscuit Balls; 6mm dia.11kg box-£54.02