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Bags - Hard-bottom

Hard-bottom bags are constructed from polypropylene film with a piece of silver-foiled or white card glued into the base of the bag such that, when they are filled, they are able to stand unaided on a flat surface. Please note that card colour is determined by the manufacturers and can be subject to change.

In addition to an extensive range of standard designs, Rythm offer a unique and very versatile custom metallising and flexo-printing service for these bags. Custom designs can be anything from a single colour logo to an elaborate design, metallised or flexo-printed in several colours. Many designs are available in larger sizes - contact our sales team for details.

Looking for an environmentally-friendly option? The Natureflex hard-bottom bags are both biodegradable and compostable in compliance with EN13462. These compostable bags break down in a natural environment within 22 days and actually help to enrich the soil in the process. The brown card bases are manufactured from paper pulp sourced from managed sustainable plantations. Please note that we do not recommend foil blocking as it will affect the biodegradability and compostability.