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3D Blisters

A pack contains 30 half-eggs, so if you join them to make whole eggs it will make 15.

Follow these steps to create patterned eggs.

  1. Fill the blister with the tempered chocolate of your choice. Vibrate the blister to remove the air bubbles.
  2. Pour the excess chocolate from your blister.
  3. For a thicker chocolate shell, repeat steps 1 & 2.
  4. Let the chocolate crystallise completely in your blister. (Tip - for perfect results allow to crystallise slowly before putting the blister in a refrigerator.)
  5. After the crystallisation process you can unmould the Easter eggs.
  6. Heat a metal plate and place the egg shells for a couple of seconds to slightly melt the edges.
  7. Place both half eggs on each other and use cooling spray if necessary.
  8. Place the eggs straight and let them crystallise.



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SDS492Gold Eggs 3D Blister, 3 designs; half eggs130x90mmPack of 30-£33.23
SDS493Colour Power Eggs 3D Blister; half eggs130x90mmPack of 301£43.13
SDS494Picnic Egg 3D Blister; half eggs130x90mmPack of 303£41.50
SDS495Reversed Baubles; Full Gold4x4cm BlisterPack of 883£19.80
SDS496Reversed Baubles; Full Silver4x4cm BlisterPack of 883£19.80
SDS497Reversed Baubles; Full Copper4x4cm BlisterPack of 883£19.80
SDS498Reversed Baubles; Full Sparkling Red4x4cm BlisterPack of 883£19.80