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38mm Wide Fabric Ribbons

These wider ribbons are sure to add simple elegance to your larger offerings.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
Sparkling Jacquard
SPM2640Sparkling Jaquard Wired Ribbon; Gold38mm wide15m reel20£10.98
SPM2641Sparkling Jaquard Wired Ribbon; Red38mm wide15m reel15£10.98
SPM2642Sparkling Jaquard Wired Ribbon; Silver38mm wide15m reel2£9.16
SPM2645Sparkling Jaquard Wired Ribbon; Steel Blue38mm wide15m reel9£10.98
Golden Stars; Wired Ribbon
SPM2691Wired Ribbon; Cream Golden Stars38mm wide10m reel20£6.54
SPM2692Wired Ribbon; Kraft Golden Stars38mm wide10m reel22£6.54
SPM2693Wired Ribbon; Brown Golden Stars38mm wide10m reel23£6.54
SPM2694Wired Ribbon; Green Golden Stars38mm wide10m reel48£6.54
SPM2695Wired Ribbon; Burgundy Red Golden Stars38mm wide10m reel52£6.54
Quirky Wired
SPM2696Quirky Wired Ribbon; Grey38mm wide10m reel8£5.38
SPM2697Quirky Wired Ribbon; Burnt Orange38mm wide10m reel8£5.38
SPM2698Quirky Wired Ribbon; Gold38mm wide10m reel11£5.38
SPM2699Quirky Wired Ribbon; Green38mm wide10m reel13£5.38
SPM2700Quirky Wired Ribbon; Lilac38mm wide10m reel8£5.38
SPM2701Quirky Wired Ribbon; Pink38mm wide10m reel10£5.38
Fir Cone
SPM2656Fir Cone; Wired38mm wide15m reel6£9.84