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15-18mm Wide Fabric Ribbons

These high quality fabric ribbons are a luxurious complement to our range, adding texture and colour.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
Dressy Stripes
SPM2628Dressy Stripes Ribbon; White18mm wide15m reel7£5.23
SPM2631Burlap Ribbon; Light Brown15mm wide10m reel5£4.67
SPM2635Burlap Ribbon; Cream15mm wide10m reel8£4.67
Skull and Crossbones
SPM2455Skull and Cross Bones Ribbon; White on Black15mm wide20m reel4£6.64
SPM2456Skull and Cross Bones Ribbon; Black on Orange15mm wide20m reel4£6.64
SPM2800Merry Christmas Ribbon; Cream on Red15mm wide15m reel-£4.94
Valentine Hearts
SPM2461Valentine Hearts Wired Ribbon; Red on White16mm wide20m reel9£7.43
Flying Hearts
SPM2612Flying Hearts; Red Hearts on White Ribbon15mm wide20m reel7£6.31
Neon Oatmeal Stripe
SPM2804Neon Oatmeal Stripe Ribbon; Lime15mm wide15m reel5£3.56
SPM2806Neon Oatmeal Stripe Ribbon; Orange15mm wide15m reel13£3.56
Kraft Ribbon
SPM2826Kraft Ribbon; Red Edge15mm wide15m reel11£3.59
SPM2828Kraft Ribbon; Ivory Edge15mm wide15m reel7£3.59
SPM2830Kraft Ribbon; Black Edge15mm wide15m reel27/04/18£3.59
SPM2832Kraft Ribbon; Oatmeal15mm wide15m reel5£3.59