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10mm Wide Fabric Ribbons

The Double Faced Satin Ribbons and Grosgrain Ribbons are also available in a 25mm width for total co-ordination of your chosen colour scheme, whether your packaging is large or small.

Seasonal ribbons, ideal for smaller boxes and bags, are also detailed below.


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Due In
Double Faced Satin
SPM4790Double Face Satin Ribbon; Gold10mm wide50m reel49£2.92
SPM4800Double Face Satin Ribbon; Light Yellow10mm wide50m reel30£2.92
SPM4810Double Face Satin Ribbon; Orange10mm wide50m reel50£2.92
SPM4820Double Face Satin Ribbon; Pink10mm wide50m reel31£2.92
SPM4830Double Face Satin Ribbon; Fuchsia10mm wide50m reel47£2.92
SPM4840Double Face Satin Ribbon; Wine10mm wide50m reel41£2.92
SPM4850Double Face Satin Ribbon; Red10mm wide50m reel63£2.92
SPM4860Double Face Satin Ribbon; Brown10mm wide50m reel27£2.92
SPM4870Double Face Satin Ribbon; Sky Blue10mm wide50m reel14£2.92
SPM4880Double Face Satin Ribbon; Turquoise10mm wide50m reel25£2.92
SPM4890Double Face Satin Ribbon; Royal Blue10mm wide50m reel19£2.92
SPM4900Double Face Satin Ribbon; Black10mm wide50m reel43£2.92
SPM4920Double Face Satin Ribbon; White10mm wide50m reel29£2.92
SPM4930Double Face Satin Ribbon; Lilac10mm wide50m reel14£2.92
SPM4940Double Face Satin Ribbon; Purple10mm wide50m reel35£2.92
SPM4950Double Face Satin Ribbon; Leaf Green10mm wide50m reel26£2.92
SPM4960Double Face Satin Ribbon; Ivory10mm wide50m reel39£2.92
SPM4970Double Face Satin Ribbon; Taupe Brown10mm wide50m reel24£2.92
SPM4980Double Face Satin Ribbon; Light Grey10mm wide50m reel23£2.92
SPM4990Double Face Satin Ribbon; Slate Grey10mm wide50m reel14£2.92
SPM5160Double Face Satin Ribbon; Plum / Bordeaux10mm wide50m reel22£2.92
SPM5170Double Face Satin Ribbon; Old Rose / Pink10mm wide50m reel13£2.92
SPM5180Double Face Satin Ribbon; Aubergine10mm wide50m reel13£2.92
SPM5190Double Face Satin Ribbon; Powder Blue10mm wide50m reel14£2.92
SPM5200Double Face Satin Ribbon; Navy10mm wide50m reel9£2.92
SPM5201Double Face Satin Ribbon; Vintage Green10mm wide50m reel8£2.92
SPM5202Double Face Satin Ribbon; Sage Grey10mm wide50m reel10£2.92
SPM9160Grosgrain Ribbon; Smoked Grey10mm wide20m reel11£3.75
SPM9162Grosgrain Ribbon; Lilac10mm wide20m reel4£3.75
SPM9164Grosgrain Ribbon; Wine10mm wide20m reel7£3.75
SPM9166Grosgrain Ribbon; Navy10mm wide20m reel6£3.75
SPM9168Grosgrain Ribbon; Sapphire Blue10mm wide20m reel9£3.75
SPM9174Grosgrain Ribbon; Ivory10mm wide20m reel12£3.75
SPM9178Grosgrain Ribbon; Spring Green10mm wide20m reel8£3.75
SPM9180Grosgrain Ribbon; Moss Green10mm wide20m reel6£3.75
SPM9182Grosgrain Ribbon; Chocolate10mm wide20m reel11£3.75
Duo Coloured Satin
SPM2590Duo Colour Satin Ribbon; Copper/Burgundy10mm wide20m reel8£4.53
SPM2594Duo Colour Satin Ribbon; Pink/Burgundy10mm wide20m reel17£4.53
Fir Trees
SPM2615Sparkling Snowflake Ribbon; Cream10mm wide15m reel32£4.53
SPM2616Sparkling Snowflake Ribbon; Green10mm wide15m reel12£4.53
SPM2617Sparkling Snowflake Ribbon; Red10mm wide15m reel32£4.53
SPM2618Sparkling Snowflake Ribbon; Silver10mm wide15m reel6£4.53
SPM2570Little Fir Tree Ribbon; Gold on Red20m reel, 10mm wide20m reel19£5.24
SPM2571Little Fir Tree Ribbon; Gold on Green20m reel, 10mm wide20m reel8£5.24
Love Heart Ribbon
SPM9400Love Heart Polyester Ribbon10mm wide (Colour 15); White Hearts on Red20m reel16£4.52