Veliche Origin Dark; Okapi

Congo 65% Cocoa Solids

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The Veliche origins range is the result of Veliche's quest to find the uncommon, the unusual and the unsung, bringing together unique flavour notes to create chocolate couverture that will nurture your creativity and capture your imagination! 

Okapi is an intense herbaceous dark 65% chocolate, with flavours of spices & dried fruits. This flavourful and versatile chocolate gives a warm feeling, especially combined with spices like cinnamon, clove and pepper. A powerfully dynamic chocolate, starting with an intense cocoa flavour, with roasted, earthy, tobacco notes and a good clean bitterness. Moving to suggestions of black pepper, delicate orange, raisin and dried fruit flavours, it evolves beautifully into a herbal finish, with a quiet farewell of honeylike sweetness. Once tasted, never forgotten. Combinations with red fruits like raspberry and black currants nicely lift up the acidity. Ideal for ganache, cakes, pastries, desserts, gelato and pralines. This is a very fluid chocolate, making it perfect for moulding and coating. 

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