Van Houten; Rich Deep Brown Cocoa Mass Powder

Alkalized; Cocoa 95.5%; Fat 52.5%

(Callebaut Code: DCL-3P524VHEO-760)  

Rich Deep Brown – 100% ground cocoa mass with 52-56% cocoa butter. Rich, full-bodied chocolate taste with an abundance of roasted cocoa and pleasant bitterness. The high cocoa butter content guarantees a decadently velvety mouthfeel.

Ideal for flavouring, colouring and decorating:

            Gelato & sorbet



            Glazings & sauces

            Sponge cake

            Hot drinks

            Cakes, muffins and brownies


In 1828, Van Houten, a Dutch chemist, invented a method to press cocoa. He separated the cocoa butter by pressing it with alkali, making the matter soften up enough to produce cocoa powder. Unlike the current chocolate of that time, this dutching process made chocolate highly digestible, which would attract new consumers and open up a whole new market for chocolate. The Van Houtens’ vision of making the rich taste of cocoa accessible to everyone, and the patent they claimed for the vertical cocoa press meant no less than a revolution – the very beginning of chocolate mass production.

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