Lubeca Marzipan 0 1:1

Almonds 26%; Sugar 58%

A high sugar marzipan made with Californian almonds and with no added bitter almonds.

Made with sweet Californian almonds with a fine texture, light colour and pleasant sweet taste.

Suitable for coating cakes and gateaux and for decorating.

Marzipan is a blend of ground almonds and sugar. The flavour is controlled by three factors - the amount of sugar, the origin of the almonds and the addition of bitter almonds. The more sugar in the marzipan, the light the colour and the firmer the consistency. Almonds from California are 100% sweet giving this marzipan its unique flavour.

The flavour in Lubeca's marzipan is further enhanced with roasting in an open copper vessel. This produces Lubeca's unmistakable delicious taste.


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