IS-CREAM Soft-Serve Gelato Machine (Black)

Capacity 4+2L; W26xD57xH72cm; 240V 1300W

The stylish new IS-Cream Soft Serve gelato machine enables you to make premium soft-serve gelato quickly and easily, and requires minimum countertop space. With a one-piece mixer for consistent results every time, it is very easy to use, due to its touch screen display with intuitive icons. Gravity-fed, it delivers the gelato through an air regulation valve. The upper lid displays the product temperature for safe product preservation. Operating the machine is simple; prepare the mix following the recipe. Pour the mixture into the upper tank and wait for the cylinder to fill up, then turn the mixing pipe clockwise to close the feeding pipe and replace the cover. Switch the machine on and select ice cream mode. The machine will stop automatically when the gelato is ready. The density of gelato can be adjusted using the scale on the control panel. The contents can (generally) be kept in the machine for up to three days, if the mix is put on overnight mode, which keeps the tank at the right temperature. The machine is also fully customisable. 

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