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  • Vegetarians Kosher Dairy Halal

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  • Product Code: SCM288
  • Description: Post-bake filling with white chocolate
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  • Suitable For: Vegetarians, Kosher Dairy, Halal
  • Brand: Callebaut
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Fill your croissants, pastries and mini tarts with the iconic taste of Callebaut W2 white chocolate! 

Callebaut’s range of Cremas, made from real Belgian chocolate, are ready-made, post-bake fillings and toppings for bakers and patisserie chefs. With an indulgently chocolatey taste, a fabulous glossy look and a smooth mouthfeel, plus fantastic workability, these cremas are versatile, premium quality chocolate products. Perfect for spreading, piping, injecting, flavouring, filling and decorating in a wide range of post-bake applications. 

Ready to use straight from the bucket, they’ll stay deliciously creamy inside your creations, and these sumptuous chocolate bakery fillings can even be combined with a variety of crunchy textures, such as paillete feuilletine, cocoa nibs and chocolate sprinkles. 

Callebaut’s W2 Crema boasts the luscious taste of their famous white chocolate couverture, and pairs well with: 

Fruits: Lemon, rhubarb, mango 

Spices: Sichuan pepper, black sesame seeds 

Herbs: Mint, bay leaf 

Sauces: Sesame oil 

Plus, many more! 


These bakery creams are all Halal, gluten free and palm oil-free and have a shelf life of 12 months.



Bakery & Patisserie: 

  • Pastry filling – inject or pipe directly into pre-baked pastries straight from the bucket 
  • Eclair topping – pipe onto eclairs and pastries for a delicious chocolate topping 
  • Tart finishing – pipe into pre-baked tart cases as a filling or a layer  
  • Muffin and doughnut centres – inject into muffins and doughnuts for a creamy chocolate centre 
  • Glaze Doughnuts – pipe onto doughnuts straight from the bucket and decorate with inclusions 
  • Top brownies and traybakes – pipe onto brownies, blondies, brookies and more 
  • Crunchy chocolate fillings – mix in biscuits pieces, cocoa nibs, nuts bresilienne and more for a creamy, crunchy filling 
  • Layers in sponge cake – spread between layers of sponge cake 
  • Top cupcakes and buns – pipe or spread onto cupcakes and buns for a glossy, delicious topping 
  • Fill macarons – pipe into macarons for a sumptuous chocolate filling 
  • Sandwich biscuit filling – spread between biscuits for chocolate sandwich biscuits 



Oil forming on top of product: Check storage conditions, Callebaut recommend storing and using the product at 15-20 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures can lead to the separation of the liquid phase (fats) of the product, resulting in a layer of fat on the surface of the product. In this case, stir the product, and it should turn back to the correct consistency.  

Crystals forming in the cream: If kept at lower temperatures, the fat present in the articles can crystallise into small lumps. When brought back to the correct temperature, and gently stirred, these fat lumps should melt and disappear. 

Too hard or soft in bucket: Check storage conditions. 


Recipe Ideas 

Take a look at our collection of recipes in the Resources Hub, or try a few of our favourites: 

White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins 

Halloween Cupcakes 

White Chocolate and Raspberry Mini Tarts (from Callebaut) 

Yoghurt and Raspberry White Chocolate Cake (from Callebaut) 


  • Vegetarians Vegetarians
  • Kosher Dairy Kosher Dairy
  • Halal Halal

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