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  • Product Code: SCC1465
  • Description: Dark Brown; Fat 10-12%
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  • Suitable For: Vegetarians, Vegans, Kosher Pareve
  • Brand: Cacao Barry
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A natural cacao profile 

A classic roasted cacao taste means this powder will add a fabulous flavour layer to your creations. A fruity character also ensures a balance between sweet and bitter, with a clean mouthfeel. Due to this being a natural powder, it’s also an ideal powder for clean-label recipes. It contains notes of cherry, dry fruits and spices.


Technical Specifications

A 100% cacao, no added sugar, low fat non-alkalised powder.

  • Flavour profile: Roasted cacao with notes of cherry, dry fruits and spices.  
  • Colour (see pictures above for wet and dry differences): Striking dark brown
  • PH level: maximum 6.1
  • Fat content: 10-12%
  • Origin: Finest quality West African beans.
  •  Particle size / fineness: Minimum 99.6% particle size <75μm. The finer the powder, the better the flavour release, smoothness and consistent colour achieving the best aesthetic results.
  • Moisture: Maximum 4.5%
  • Dispersibility: Very high
  • Applications:  Ideal for clean-label recipes
  • Packaging: Resealable and recyclable. 

Fat content, and why it matters

Much like the varieties of chocolate, fat content varies between each type of cacao powder.  A high fat content creates a more rounded mouthfeel and less astringent flavours. A low fat content means the natural bitterness and fruit flavours of the cacao have a much stronger presence, with a lower level of sweetness. This powder has a very low fat percentage of 10-12%, which is quite uncommon among cacao powders. As such, the cacao flavour and natural bitterness will be more present. 


The pairing recommendations 

This is a low fat cacao powder that is best suited for natural, clean-label recipes. Below are some pairings that would best compliment this flavour profile:

Pairing Chocolates


Cacao Barry works in partnership with the Cocoa Horizons program and 100% of Cacao Barry cocoa beans are sustainably sourced. Established in 2015 by Barry Callebaut, the Cocoa Horizons Program works to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity and helping to build self-sustaining communities within the cocoa farming sector that protect nature and children.

  • Vegetarians Vegetarians
  • Vegans Vegans
  • Kosher Pareve Kosher Pareve

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