12 Choc Pastel Lilac Folding Base

160x110x30mm; Cosmopolitan Collection

The following presentation items will fit this box:

Inserts for 6 Truffles/Assorted Chocolates: SPT6010 (Gold PET), SPT6010A (Clear PVC), SPT6012 (Black PET) - use 2 inserts per 250g box

Raised Platform Bases: SPC3376 (White; 7mm deep)

Dividers: SPC2910 (Shiny Gold), SPC2911 (Shiny Silver), SPC2912 (Black)

Black 5-Ply Cushion Pads: SPM5070 (160x110mm; Food Grade)

Silkwork Glassine Liners: SPC2951 (160x110mm; White)

These are all available in the Cosmopolitan Range.

£5.20 Bag of 25


Usually £8.66

Save £3.46

Out of stock: No longer available
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