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Luker Chocolate

Luker Chocolate is a range of chocolates and cocoa products from Colombia and neighbouring countries. Luker Chocolate only uses International Cocoa Organisation classified “Fino de Aroma”, or Fine Flavour Criollo and Trinitario beans to make their chocolate. Only the top 7-8% of the world’s cocoa is given this exclusive title. The beans are harvested and made into chocolate in Colombia using cocoa butter from the same beans and local sugar, making all ingredients fully traceable.

Luker Chocolate 1906 single origin chocolates each have unique profiles thanks to the purity of their origins. Made from selected beans from the various regions and neighbouring countries where Fino de Aroma cocoa is grown, they positively burst with flavour! Their tastes reflect the specific cocoa variety as well as the richness of the soil and the cocoa growing tradition of the area. 

CasaLuker Cacao uses Fino de Aroma cocoa beans to create blends from different regions, all within Colombia.

We also offer Panela, a non-refined raw sugar made from dehydrated cane juice, and two chocolates made using Panela. In addition we now supply Luker Chocolate cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass, all made from Fino de Aroma beans, and Luker Maracas – plain/dark chocolate cocoa nibs, roasted cocoa nibs and physalis fruits coated in dark Fino de Aroma chocolate.


CasaLuker 1906

Luker Chocolate 1906 single origin chocolates have unique flavours that come from the pureness of their origins. Made from selected beans from the various regions and countries where Fino de Aroma cocoa is grown, their flavour reflects the cocoa variety but also the richness of the soil and the cocoa growing tradition of the area. These chocolates are made with beans from a particular region.

SCC900 Tumaco 85% extra dark chocolate A vigorous, bitter flavour and subtle sweetness combined with floral and fruity notes to give a chocolate of exquisite character. 2.5kg
SCC951 San Martin 72% dark chocolate This chocolate embodies a strong cocoa flavour, a perfect balance of bitter notes and a subtle sweet tone. Fruity notes, slight acidity and citric flavours attribute to the unmistakable character of this dark chocolate as it melts easily in the mouth fostering an exquisite creamy, mild sensation. 2.5kg
SCC957/SCC958 Arauca 55% milk chocolate From the Colombian Orinoco, this chocolate has a sweet and chocolate-like aroma and a flavour chracterised for the medium-high notes of cocoa, defined, soft milky tones, delicate caramel and a slight buttery note. 2.5kg and 20kg box
SCC904 Tumaco 65% dark chocolate A bittersweet flavour with defined cocoa notes, ideal for those seeking a balance of flavour and aroma. 2.5kg
SCC953 Huila 70% dark chocolate High cocoa notes, defined bitter, low astringency, slight acidity and delicate notes of yellow fruits.  2.5kg

Luker Cacao

The best Fino de Aroma cocoa beans used to make blends from different regions, all within Colombia. Included in the range are two Chocopanela chocolates, made with Colombian panela sugarcane.

SCC910/ SCC919 Macondo 60% dark chocolate One of the most popular in the range, Macondo is a chocolate with an exotic flavour and soft acidic tones, a fluid texture, and a fine balance between bitter and sweet. 2.5kg and 20kg box
SCC911 Noche 40% milk chocolate A defined Fino de Aroma cocoa flavour, fruit notes, and a mild level of acidity as a perfect accompaniment to the chocolate flavour.


SCC977  Caribe 45% A blend of select Colombian cocoas with balanced flavours and smooth texture. Outstanding citric notes typical of cocoa from the Colombian south-west region. 2.5kg
SCC912/ SCC921 Nevado Embodies the exquisite flavour of chocolate made with 100% natural cocoa butter. It stands out for its high fluidity and melt-in-the-mouth quality. 2.5kg and 20kg box
SCC913/ SCC987 Glaciar Delicate notes of vanilla combine with a delicate flavour for a subtly refreshing taste. An unusual white chocolate suitable for any occasion. 2.5kg and 20kg box
SCC915 Chocopanela Trapiche 61% dark chocolate with Panela Trapiche is so named because panela is hand-produced in “trapiches”, or small factories where panela is turned into a delicious additive-free product. The typical caramel sweet tones of panela combine with fruity notes and a balanced bitterness in this chocolate. 2.5kg
SCC916 Chocopanela Melao 37% milk chocolate with Panela Melao owes its name to the cane syrup, which, in its liquid state, has a special aroma and flavour that incorporates all of the sweetness of panela. An imposing milk chocolate flavour and the sweet caramel notes of panela blend with delicately creamy milk, mild cocoa notes and vanilla. 2.5kg
SCC930 Natural Cocoa Powder 22-24%   1.0kg
SCC931 Natural Cocoa Butter   1.0kg
SCC932 Colombian cocoa mass   1.0kg
SCC934 Panela Powder (sugar) Panela is “the sweet taste of Colombia”, a non-refined raw sugar made from dehydrated cane juice, with no chemical substances, and all of its essential nutrients left in! It provides a unique flavour to preparations but can be used in exactly the same way as white sugar to flavour chocolate, desserts, hot drinks, smoothies and patisserie. 1.0kg
SCC941 Roasted cocoa nibs Pure Fino de Aroma cocoa nibs 1.0kg
CNC320 Dried Colombian physalis fruits coated in Fino de Aroma dark chocolate. Dried physalis covered in dark Fino de Aroma chocolate. 1.0kg


Sugar Free Chocolates

SCC990/ SCC990P Cumbre; dark sugar free 58%  
SCC991/ SCC991P Mulata; milk; sugar free 37%    

What is The Luker Way?

The Luker Way is the connection that Luker Chocolate has with its partners, their farmers, the environment, their employees, their clients and society at large. They believe in sharing opportunities, knowledge and technology and working as a comminity to produce the finest chocolate from Fino de Aroma cocoa beans.

Luker, as it is known in Colombia, has worked with some of its farming partners for over one hundred years. They do not own the farms, and the farmers are offered fair purchasing conditions, but are still free to sell their cocoa wherever they wish. Luker works hard to nurture the relationships they have with their farmers and stakeholders, offering education and training at their research centre, the Granja Luker, to provide farmers with the knowledge to build profitable cocoa farms that will support themselves, their families and their communities. More than eight hundred people are trained at the Granja Luker each year.

  • Commercial agreements with 45 cocoa producers’ associations that cover over 18,000 hectares of Cacao Fino de Aroma crops.
  • 7,500 benefitting families, many of which reside in areas of armed conflict or where illicit crops are grown.
  • Training provided for the implementation of production models that increase productivity by up to 300%.
  • A 20% subsidy offered to purchase material for plantation renewal or for new plantations.



The Luker Foundation

A private non-profit organisation, its mission is to provide leadership in order to contribute to the social and economic development of Manizales in Colombia.

The Luker Foundation has:

  • Trained more than 500 teachers, benefitting from over 12,000 students.
  • Supported over 1,400 children and young adults through music and sports programmes.

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