Shelf Life: Your Questions Answered


When working in chocolate, shelf life is always a tricky subject to tackle! It’s certainly one of the topics we receive most questions about at Keylink. How to work out the shelf life of your chocolates? How can you extend that shelf life? What about storage?

We decided to tackle the subject head-on, and so teamed up with the experts at the UK Chocolate Academy to run an hour-long livestream, where we answered the most common questions and covered:

  • The factors that affect the shelf life of your chocolates
  • How to calculate shelf life – some tips!
  • How to adapt recipes to give a longer shelf life

Watch the replay of the livestream

Click here to watch the livestream replay

In addition, the team at the UK Chocolate Academy put together this useful guide, clearly explaining what shelf life is, and containing the recipes for the chocolates shown during the livestream.

Download the guide

The livestream also mentions a number of different products that you can use to extend the shelf life of your chocolates, all of which can be bought from Keylink:

KerryMaid UHT whipping cream



Invert sugar

Sorbitol liquid

The UK & Ireland Chocolate Academy runs courses throughout the year to help you build skills in all areas of chocolate, sugar and pastry work. View their courses here