It's almost gelato weather!

Colac – Keylink WP

Here's the scoop!

As we start to leave winter behind, ice cream weather will soon be upon us and at Keylink, we’re privileged enough to be able to see (and sometimes even try!) a variety of flavoured ice creams and gelatos. 

While there’s a wealth of different products to improve ice cream and gelato quality, it’s difficult to know what each one is used for and what level of quality each product can offer. We’ve broken down the purpose of each product below and how they can make getting wonderful textures and flavours an absolute breeze.


Bases are just that, the base of what makes the ice cream. They ensure the ice cream has a creamy, smooth texture. 

 Flavour paste Compounds

These are pre-made flavour pastes that can be added directly into your ice cream mix to add a flavour (or flavours!) of your choosing. Ideal for use with a neutral base as you simply mix with your flavour paste and you’re all set! 

Topping sauce

Topping sauces span a wide range all with superb quality flavours and texture. Simply drizzle your preferred flavour over your ice cream or squeeze and spread over a batch of gelato for adding the final layer of flavour.

Sundae toppings

Sundae toppings are a thick sauce with pieces of chunky fruit, perfect for scooping onto a classic sundae. They add a wonderful taste and compliment the ice cream texture beautifully.

Getting the right flavour

The choice of flavours can be overwhelming to start, as each flavour paste offers a different profile and with stronger compounds such as cherry or cuberdon, it can be difficult to find the right balance.

Here are 3 ways to make a balanced flavour profile:

Follow the dosage recommendation

On a Colac compound, the recommended dosage is 50-75 grams per 1 litre of ice cream. This ensures the flavour isn’t overpowering or conflicting with the sweetness of the base mix. Of course, you can experiment and add more but a balanced flavour profile is best achieved when using the recommended dosage.

Use a neutral base

A neutral base ensures the creamy texture is retained but without any added flavourings. This means you just simply add a flavour paste of your choosing to the mix, letting you have full control over your ice cream creations.

Choose your pairings carefully

While a neutral base gives you more control, it’s easy to let loose and start combining. If you’re just starting out, try familiar flavours, as you’ll know what to expect from flavour strength and will spot if the dosage is too high. Once you’re comfortable, start experimenting! A mix of banana and hazelnut makes for a delightful treat. 

Our recommendations

When it comes to ice cream making, finding high quality products and getting consistent results can be very difficult, especially when there so many ice cream products made for more economical uses. Thankfully as you’ve seen above, choosing the right product and flavour options can help with this. Since 2018 we’ve been working with a Belgian family company called Colac. They manufacture a range of ice cream products that offer standout, fabulous quality and ensure consistent flavours and textures every time.

Some of our favourite flavour compounds and toppings for ice cream from Colac are:


Lime and cactus – A fresh flavour profile with a zesty lime kick!

Speculoos (spiced biscuit)  – Cookies infused with a range of spices for an indulgent taste.

Mocha – The classic taste of chocolate mixed with rich coffee.

Recipe ideas

If the idea of jumping straight into gelato and ice cream making still seems a little daunting, we’ve put a few recipes below to get you started. Otherwise, we’re always on hand to help and just a phone call away.

Mango and passionfruit FrappShake – A thirst quenching dessert for the summer season

Cherry ripple gelato – Tart cherries mixed with a classic creamy gelato

Lime and cactus gelato – A refreshing choice, both in combination and flavour!