Add a Hole Bunch of Colour to Your Easter and Spring Chocolate Range!

With spring just around the corner filled with warmer weather and longer days, here at Keylink, we’re already excited as to what the season has to offer. If, like us, you’re ready to be inspired by a whole host of vibrant colours, fresh flavours, and of course, luxurious chocolate, then take a look at a handful of our springtime products and chocolate ideas below!

Egg-spect the Best!

Take your Easter chocolate to a hole new level with this year’s Colourful, Holey Egg concept! With a window melted into the front of the egg, this design is ideal for filling with pralines or Neapolitans, chocolates, your own signature chocolate creations, or any of our chocolate novelties.

With a whole range of decorations and inclusions to choose from, this egg can be tailored to any type of chocolate lover - check out our recipe video here to see how we’ve decided to craft this egg. In the video, you’ll discover how to create a velvet and vibrant sprayed cocoa butter effect with our Mona Lisa range (more on those later), how to attach your own transfer-sheet-clad plaquettes, and more!

Watch the How-To Video Here!


Every Egg Needs a Nest…

Our range of Easter packaging for 2023 includes more than just Easter egg boxes - though that might be the perfect place to start! Our transparent PVC cartons allow for showcasing your chocolate craftsmanship from every angle, and when combined with our range of coloured inserts, give you the chance to display your creations in complementary colours, or ones that represent your brand!

It’s not all about looks; it’s also what’s on the inside that counts. That’s why our cartons are also sturdy, secure, and safe for transit, meaning the thrill of first cracking open an Easter egg is saved for the recipient. Not only that, but all of our inserts are also either recycled or recyclable, so you can be good to the environment this Easter, too!

Fold-up egg boxes and inserts

Moulded in Chocs Image…

It all starts with a mould… and we have a plethora of them to pick from; ranging from classic and contemporary styles, as well as small to huge sizes, you can guarantee to find the mould you’ve been looking for. Better yet, we’ve matched the mould size to a perfectly fitted packaging, so you don’t have to - take a look at the “This works with” and the product descriptions for each of the moulds on our website to find out more.

Easter Egg Moulds, Boxes and Inserts

Living in Chocolate Blis(ters)...

Creating artisan-grade Easter eggs has never been easier with our range of 3D blisters! Eye-catching and time-saving, blisters are a transfer sheet and chocolate mould in one, vegan package. The level of convenience doesn’t end there either; we have Easter egg boxes perfectly sized to the resulting egg - all you have to do is choose your chocolate, put your chocolatier skills to good use, et voila!

3D Chocolate transfer blisters

Another One to Tick Off Your Chick-list…

If you’re looking for moulds that are perfect for window displays, look no further! We’ve got these fantastic chicken and bunny rabbit 3D figure moulds - talk about being the chocolatier’s one-hop shop!

Easter Figure Moulds

Easter: all wrapped up.

This year, we have a colourful selection of ribbons and bows as the finishing touches to your Easter and Spring-themed packaging. New for 2023, we have vibrant Easter bunny, egg, and chick covered ribbon, as well as the classic pastel designs for a more subtle packaging design.

Easter Egg Support Stands

Bag Yourself a Treat...

Returning this season are our Easter-themed polypropylene bags - perfect for novelties, sweets, truffles and more - the perfect packaging for point-of-sale items this Easter. For something a little more novel, check out our fabric and organza Easter bunny bags that can be reused or kept as keepsakes!

Colours in Bloom...

As promised - cocoa butters! Whether you prefer to spray, flick, brush, dab or paint your chocolates and moulds, we have a selection of coloured cocoa butters that are versatile and look great on white, dark and milk chocolates. For inspiration on how to decorate chocolates to complement your flavour profiles, take a look through our YouTube channel!

It’s Not Magic...

In keeping with the springtime season, try out Power Flowers from Mona Lisa (formerly IBC). With 4 different flowers (blue, red, yellow, and white) as well as a colour master card, you can explore the spectrum of 144 unique colours, and with such a high concentration of colouring, a little goes a long way!

Ready to discover your new favourite colour combo? Mona Lisa also have an app to help you guarantee the same colour every time! Available for Android and Apple devices.

Transfer Sheets Spring to Mind...

A great way to decorate chocolate bars, patisserie goods and various inclusions, check out our range of Spring and Easter transfer sheets to add a little spring in the step of your customers!

Easter TRansfer Sheets

To Top Things Off...

And finally, like the cherry on the cake, the plaques on the chocolate (buns, biscuits…and also cakes!) are perfect toppers for your edible creations. It wouldn’t be Easter at Keylink without our bunny ears and feet, which have of course returned for 2023, but we also have “Happy Easter” plaques and spring bee plaques, all of which are made with high quality Mona Lisa chocolate.

If you’d like to see our full range of Easter products, you can find them all here, or give our sales team a call, who will help you find all the products you need this Easter!

We love to see your chocolate creations with our products, so share them with us on social media!

Happy Easter!