Cocoa Butter Chocolate Décor Techniques: A Brush with Pink

A Brush with Pink

To create this chocolate décor effect you will need:

  1. Polish your mould with lint free cloth or paper towel
  2. Heat the pink cocoa butter (cap off) in the microwave for 1m 20 secs, or until it reaches 45˚C. Alternatively, leave all of the cocoa butters overnight in your holding tank/hot cupboard
  3. Use your brush to paint a line of pink cocoa butter into each cavity. Don’t worry about being too neat or visible brush strokes – it’s all part of the effect. You may find it helpful to hold the mould at an angle. Leave to set
painting over the pink line
  1. Heat the black cocoa butter and using a larger brush, do the same, painting over the pink line. Leave to set
Spray an even coat of white all over the mould
  1. Heat the white cocoa butter and pour into your airbrush. Spray an even coat of white all over the mould, then leave to set
Shell with white chocolate
  1. Shell with white chocolate