Salted Caramel, Roasted Almond and Amaretto Ganache

Recipe by Ruth Hinks.

Decorate the inside of the mould with white and black cocoa butter and wait for it to set. Then brush blue shimmer powder over the cocoa butter and line the mould with Cacao Barry Fleur de Cao (SCC127).

Salted Caramel Filling

(6 moulds)

125g Whipping cream
1 Vanilla bean
170g Granulated sugar
40g Glucose (SCA119)
200g Unsalted butter
125g Dark sticky brown sugar
2g Salt

1. Infuse the vanilla bean in the cream and set aside while still hot
2. Make a dry caramel with the granulated sugar and add the glucose
3. Then add the butter and slowly add the cream
4. Mix in the dark brown sugar and salt and bring to the boil
5. Strain and allow to cool, then pipe into your mould, half fill your mould
6. Put 4-5 roasted almond slices (SCN130P) into the mould on top of the caramel.


Amaretto and Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling

(3 moulds)

10g Amaretto 60% (SCL166P)
90g Whipping cream
200g Cocoa Barry Ghana (SCC106)
35g Unsalted butter
15g Sorbitol (SCA103P)
7g Invert sugar (SCA106)

1. Bring the cream and sorbitol to the boil
2. Place the chocolate, amaretto, invert sugar and butter
3. Pour over the boiling cream and mix well with a hand blender
4. Allow to cool and pipe onto your caramel
5. Allow to crystalise and close off with dark chocolate (Cacao Barry Fleur de Cao (SCC127)).