Passion Fruit and Hazelnut Praline

Recipe by Beverley Dunkley.

(192 chocolates, 22.5mm square)

15g Yellow Pectin (SCA132)
500g Sugar
500g Passion Fruit Puree (SCF0861A)
80g Glucose (SCA119)
80g Invert Sugar (SCA107)
5g Tartaric Acid (SCA134)
1kg Callebaut Pra (SCM153A)
700g (plus a little for enrobing) Callebaut Power 41 Milk Chocolate (SCC587)
80g Callebaut Feuilletine (SCM560P)
IBC Cotton Transfer Sheet (SDS591)

Part One - Passion Fruit Jelly


  1. Blend the Pectin and Sugar together then stir into the Fruit Purée.
  2. Bring to the boil then add the Glucose and Invert Sugar. Heat to 108°c.
  3. Add the Tartaric Acid dissolved in a little water. Mix thoroughly then immediately pour into a 4mm frame. Allow to set.

Part Two - Praline and Chocolate Cream


  1. Crystallise 500g of the Praline and 350g of Milk Chocolate together.
  2. Spread on top of the prepared Passion Fruit Gel then allow to set.

Part Three - Praline, Chocolate and Textured Feuilletine Base


  1. Crystallise together 500g of the Praline and 350g of Milk Chocolate then stir in the Feuilletine.
  2. Spread on top of the prepared Slab and allow to set.

Part Four - Decoration


  1. Spread a thin layer of tempered Milk Chocolate on the base of the prepared slab
  2. Cut into the desired shape.
  3. Enrobe in tempered Power 41 Milk Chocolate.
  4. Immediately place a square of transfer on the top of each praline.
  5. Allow to crystallise for at least one hour at a temperature of 12°c before removing the transfer sheet.