Marzipan Truffles

Recipe by Lubeca.

Marzipan Ganache

200g Marzipan Almond Paste (SCM390A)
250g Cream
400g White Chocolate (SCC804)

Heat up the cream together with the Marzipan to a smooth paste at about 80°c. Mix in the white chocolate and cool down.

Amaretto-Marzipan Filling

300g Marzipan Almond Paste (SCM390A)
100g Amaretto Almond Liquor 28%

Mix Marzipan almond paste with Amaretto liquor until it is a smooth paste.



  1. Fill the truffle shells with the cool but still soft ganache to about 2/3 and top up with the Amaretto Marzipan mass.
  2. After cooling, seal the openings with chocolate couverture, dip the filled balls into chocolate and roll them on a mesh.
  3. The truffle shells can be enrobed in dark or milk chocolate couverture as well as in white chocolate.

Recommendations for enrobing:
Finest dark chocolate couverture 60% TRAVEMÜNDE (SCC810)
White chocolate 33% SCHOK WEISS (SCC804)