Marzipan Mousse Cake

Recipe by Lubeca.

(Makes 3 cakes of 18cm diameter)


Marzipan Mousse
400g Marzipan almond paste (SCM390A)
60g Amaretto almond liquor ca. 28%
200g White chocolate SCHOK WEISS (SCC804)
100g Egg
120g Egg yolk
8 Sheets gelatin (SCA140)
1kg Whipped cream, unsweetened

Fruit Topping
400g Fruit pulp (for example raspberry)
200g Sugar solution (1 part water, 1 part sugar)
6 Sheets gelatin (SCA140)
Soak the gelatin in water, then dissolve it with a bit of sugar solution and mix it with the fruit pulp.


  1. Heat the eggs in a bain-marie and then cool by stirring.
  2. Mix the Marzipan almond paste and Amaretto into a smooth paste and fold in the cold egg mass.
  3. Mix in the melted white chocolate, then the dissolved gelatin and finally the whipped cream.
  4. Apply this mousse to sponge cake base in a cake ring and decorate to finish.

We suggest you reduce the amount of gelatin if the mousse is served from a bowl.