Lime Caramel, Coconut Praline and Rum Ganache

Recipe by Ruth Hinks

Using a small paintbrush, paint green and yellow cocoa butter colours into each cavity of the mould. Wait for it to set. Then with gold shimmer powder colour (SCR443), brush the inside of the mould. Line the mould with Cacao Barry Alunga (SCC746).

Lime Caramel Filling

(6 moulds)

300g Sugar
165g Cream
8 Drops of lime Flavour Burst (SCF1019)
135g Unsalted butter

1. Heat up the cream and set aside
2. Make a dry caramel with the sugar and add the butter
3. Slowly add the cream
4. Bring to the boil and add the lime Flavour Burst
5. Strain and allow to cool and pipe into the mould.

Coconut Praline Filling

(6 moulds)

80g Praline paste (SCM605)
80g Milk chocolate Cacao Barry Alunga (SCC746)
40g Toasted coconut

1. Temper the milk chocolate and add the praline paste
2. Mix in the coconut and roll between two guitar sheets (SEA284)
3. Cut out a small disc and place on top of the caramel

Rum Ganache Filling

(3 moulds)

170g Whipping cream
100g Cacao Barry Cuba (SCC101)
80g Cacao Barry Lactee Superior (SCC130)
20g Butter
10g Rum St. James 54% (SCL130P)
8g Glucose (SCA119)

1. Bring the cream and glucose to the boil
2. Pour over the chocolate, rum and butter
3. Blend very well and pipe onto the coconut praline
4. Pipe into the moulds on top of the coconut disc
5. Close off once it has set with Alunga (SCC746).