Crispy Hazelnut and Coffee Chocolate

Recipe by Beverley Dunkley.

(192 chocolates, 22.5mm square)

500g Whipping Cream (SCM280P)
40g Ground Coffee
75g Callebaut Pure Hazelnut Paste (SCM155A)
500g Callebaut 811NV Dark Chocolate (SCC500)
750g Callebaut 823NV Milk Chocolate (SCC510)
75g Unsalted Butter
Roasted Whole Hazelnuts (SCN268)
Callebaut Bresilienne (SCN235B)
Callebaut Milk Crisp Pearls (SDS886)


  1. Coat a thin layer of precrystallised chocolate on a base guitar sheet or silicone paper for the ganache to pour onto once made. Allow to set for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Prepare the coffee ganache by boiling the Cream, Ground Coffee and Pure Hazelnut Paste together.
  3. Pour onto the weighed dark and milk chocolate. Cool to 65°c.
  4. Add the butter and blend together to form a homogenised emulsion. Pour onto the prepared chocolate layer in an 8mm frame (approx 36cm x 27cm).
  5. Sprinkle liberally with whole roasted chopped hazelnuts, Bresilienne and a few milk crisp pearls.
  6. Allow to crystallise overnight at 12°c.
  7. Cut into the desired shape.
  8. Enrobe with Callebaut 2815NV Dark Chocolate (to-order item XCC534).
  9. Decorate with three Callebaut Milk Crisp Pearls (SDS886) dusted with IBC Bronze Creative Powder (SCR463).