Cherry Cointreau Caramel

Recipe by Yolande Stanley – Cacao Barry Ambassador 2015

Spray mould with red cocoa butter, then a little black cocoa butter. Line with dark chocolate Madirofolo (SCC162B).

Make a dark golden caramel with:
100g Sugar
25g Glucose (SCA119)
1 Cinnamon stick - broken

Deglaze with:
200g Cherry purée (SCF0860A)
1g Cinnamon powdered

Pour through a sieve into
230g Milk couverture Alunga (SCC746)

Hand blend together
When emulsified add:
50g Butter – salted

Stir in:
15g Cointreau Concentrate 60% (SCL100P)

Hand blend to finish then add:
75g Caramelised broken walnut kernels (SCN180)

Leave to set for 24 hours then cap off with more tempered Madirofolo (SCC162B).

When set, demould and decorate further as preferred or leave plain.

In the picture the decoration is piped with a leaf tube to form a flag shape.