Caramel Ganache Bonbon

Recipe by Jorge Llanderal - Fino de Aroma Master Chocolatier.

(50 filled confections)

200g Sugar
480g Fresh Cream
8g Salt
40g Glucose
650g White Chocolate Nevado (SCC912)
35g Butter

1. Bring to boil the cream, the glucose and the salt.
2. Make a dry caramel with the sugar.
3. Add the butter to the caramel and deglaze with the cream mixture.
4. Incorporate the Nevado White Chocolate to the mixture. Emulsify well.
5. Cover the ganache with a plastic sheet and set aside until it cools down.
6. Fill moulds with tempered Dark Chocolate and leave one minute to create shell. Pour out remaining chocolate and tap mould to remove excess. Chocolate should crystallize quickly in the mould.
7. Pipe in the prepared ganache that must be less than 27°c into the cavities of the prepared confection moulds. Allow the ganache to set, before capping the confection bottoms.
8. Once your confections are completed, unmould and store in an airtight container.