Blueberry Cognac

Recipe by Yolande Stanley – Cacao Barry Ambassador 2015

Using a gloved finger, sweep cocoa butter in one stoke into each dome of the mould. Wait for it to set. Line with tempered white Zephyr chocolate (SCC136).

Blueberry paté de fruit filling

225g Blueberry purée (SCF0854)
25g Lemon juice

Heat then whisk in:
8g Pectin (SCA132)
50g Caster sugar

Boil stirring for 2 – 3 mins then add:
200g Caster sugar
60g Glucose (SCA119)

Cook to 107°c

Remove from the heat and add:
5g Tartaric solution (1 to 1 tartaric acid crystals and water dispersed together).

Cool then blitz with a hand blender to loosen for piping.

Pipe into dome chocolate mould to 1/3 full.


Cognac ganache filling

60g Glucose (SCA119)
300ml Cream UHT 35%
40g Invert sugar (SCA107)
400g Couverture Plain Excellence 55% (SCC126)
50ml Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac 50% (SCL112P)
40g Butter

In the thermomix heat glucose, cream, Invert Sugar, chocolate and Cognac – heat to 37°c at speed 1 for 2 mins then 3 mins on speed 2 – ensure fully melted and emulsified.

Turn up to speed 4, add cubed softened butter.


Heat glucose, cream, sugar, chocolate gently in a microwave until an emulsion can be reached. Then add butter in cubes. Finally add Cognac.

Once combined pipe into the chocolate moulds on top of the paté de fruit. If you find the ganache has stiffened too much you can add a little more cream to help it fill the moulds nicely. Allow to crystallise before sealing with more tempered Zephyr chocolate (SCC136).