Apple and Calvados Truffle

Recipe by Keylink.

(approx 75 truffles)

Apple Pate de Fruit

225g Apple Purée (SCF0850A)
25g Lemon Juice
8g Pectin (SCA132)
250g Caster Sugar
60g Glucose (SCA119)
5g Tartaric Solution (1 to 1 tartaric acid crystals (SCA134) and water dispersed together)


  1. Heat the Apple purée and Lemon Juice then whisk in the Pectin and 50g of the Caster Sugar.
  2. Boil, stirring for 2-3 mins, then add the remaining Caster Sugar and the Glucose.
  3. Cook to 107°c.
  4. Remove from the heat and add the Tartaric Solution.
  5. Cool then blitz with a hand blender to loosen for piping.
  6. Pipe into truffles spheres to ½ full.

Calvados Ganache

60g Glucose (SCA119)
300ml Kerrymaid Cream (SCM280P)
40g Invert Sugar (SCA107)
400g Cacao Barry Ghana (SCC106B)
25ml Calvados (SCL172)
40g Butter


  1. Heat Glucose, Cream, Sugar and Ghana Chocolate gently in a microwave until an emulsion can be reached. Then add Butter in cubes, and finally add Calvados.
  2. Once combined, pipe into the chocolate spheres on top of the Pate de Fruit. Either use the ganache or more chocolate to close off.
  3. Enrobe each sphere in more tempered Ghana and roll in green truffle powder.