Welcome to the new Keylink website. We have worked very hard to incorporate the many suggestions made over the years and we really hope you like the result. Just click on one of the buttons below to see what new features we’ve added in that section!


Our category menus are headed Ingredients, Inclusions and Décor, Packaging, Equipment, Retail Products and Clearance and are broadly in line with the Keylink Catalogue. We have reclassified our range of over 3000 product lines into fewer simpler categories, especially on the packaging side.  When you click on any of these buttons, you will see all the related product sub-categories in a single view without the need to “drill down” through many layers of menus.

We have added a new 'Filter By' section to our menus which allows you to find products from any of our menu sections that match your search citeria. So if you are looking for only fairtrade products, our page results will show you just those, or product just for Easter, the same applies. To remove the filters simply select 'clear filters' and all the results will be reset to there default state.

Stock Availability

  1. When you add an item to your basket, it will be temporarily reserved for you while you continue shopping. If you are inactive for over 15 minutes, the item will remain in your basket but the stock will no longer be reserved for you. In this case a Refresh Stock Allocations button will appear and you can click this to re-allocate all the items, provided the stock is still available.
  2. In the event that we are unable to allocate all the stock indicated on the website, this will be reflected on your order acknowledgement and where possible, we will also contact you by phone.

You can now see live stock figures on our website so no more waiting to find out whether a particular item is actually in stock! These stock availability figures will be updated several times per hour so we expect them to be accurate 99% of the time. There are a few points to note though:


Short-Dated Stock

When an item generally has less than around one month remaining, we will classify it as short-dated and offer it at a discount. When you go to confirm your order, if there is some short-dated stock available of an item in your basket, then you will automatically be given the option to take some or all of that stock instead.


User Accounts On The Website

In order to prevent any confusion or errors there can only ever be one website account associated with each Keylink customer code. However we recognise that there may sometimes be more than one person within a business that needs to access our website so each account can have multiple users.
These additional users can either be given full rights or limited rights where they can access everything except statements.

Product Specifications

In addition, if you go to the “Downloaded Specifications” page within the My Account area, you can see a list of specs that you have downloaded and see if there are newer versions available.

These can now be downloaded directly from our website through the product info window. There are online specs available for the majority of products and we are working to provide the remainder as soon as possible.

View My Discount

Remember that provided you are logged in, the prices you see when browsing will automatically be adjusted to take into account any price bands that you personally benefit from.

If you currently benefit from our price band discounting scheme, you can see details of exactly what you get on this page.

View My Statement

You can now see the status of your account showing all unallocated transactions updated several times per day. This is identical to your monthly statement but is available to you whenever you want it. For example, an unallocated payment or credit note would be one that has not yet been matched to a particular invoice. Once it has been matched, it will no longer appear on the Statement.

Note that if you tend to pay lump sums rather than make payments matched exactly to specific invoices, our normal practice is generally to match (or allocate) each payment to the oldest outstanding invoices, which will usually have the effect of leaving an unallocated balance for either the invoice or the payment. If you feel that this may be confusing, we would recommend that your payments do match specific invoices exactly.

Tracking Your Order

Once an order has been processed by us, you can track its progress both whilst it is at Keylink as well as when it is with the carrier. On the “View Outstanding Orders” page in the My Account area, the order will show one of the status tags listed below:
Taken to Warehouse Pre 2.00pm Your order is in the warehouse awaiting packing and should be dispatched today
Taken to Warehouse Your order is in the warehouse awaiting packing and should be dispatched either today or tomorrow
Sent for Blocking The packaging on your order is waiting to be foil-blocked
To Follow Some or all of the outstanding items on this order have now come into stock and are being packed up for dispatch in the next few days
Awaiting Collection Your order has been packed and is ready for collection
Packed Your order has been packed and is waiting to be dispatched
Dispatched Your order has been dispatched and can now be tracked through the DPD website. Just go to “Track A Recent Order” in the My Account area and enter your Keylink sales order number.

Delivery Address

You must enter at least one delivery address for your account otherwise you will be prompted to do so during checkout.

If required, you can enter up to 5 delivery addresses in total but please note that invoices and statements will always be sent to the main invoice address associated with your account (unless you have opted for eCOMMS to receive your documents by email).


My Recipes (coming soon)

This is a completely new section which allows you to manage your own recipes in order to keep track of costings.

Where Keylink products are used, you only need enter the product code and all other information, including current prices, will be updated automatically. For products not sourced from Keylink, you can enter details of these items into a “My Ingredients” table.