ICE Chocolate

ICE Chocolate can be used to dip your ice cream sticks, cones and ice cream pralines, to create a tasty and dense indulgent chocolate layer with a delicious snap. It is rich in cocoa butter and will melt immediately in the mouth. ICE Chocolate can also be mixed into ice cream after churning to create stracciatella with lovely crunchy bits of chocolate.

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Callebaut ICE Chocolate; Milk

Minimum Cocoa Solids: 40.7%

SCC1610B (previously SCC610B)

In-stock: 34

£27.11 2.5kg


Callebaut ICE Chocolate; Dark

Minimum Cocoa Solids: 56.49%

SCC1612 (previously SCC612)

In-stock: 75

£25.58 2.5kg


Callebaut ICE White Chocolate

Minimum Cocoa Solids: 38.5%

SCC1614 (previously SCC614)

In-stock: 31

£27.73 2.5kg


Callebaut ICE Chocolate; Ruby

Minimum Cocoa Solids; 53.6%

SCC1616 (previously SCC616)

In-stock: 10

£33.73 2.5kg