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Flavour Pastes

Keylink flavour pastes form a premium collection of the finest pastes gathered from across the globe, containing pure natural ingredients and extracts which deliver a true, intense and rich flavour and superb texture. They will add pigment to light-coloured substances. Use them to flavour anything from fillings, creams, ice creams and ganache to sorbets and cocktails.

Kessko's fruit and flavour pastes combine unequalled flavour realism with excellent dosage economy and great convenience. They would normally be used at the rate of 20-30g per kg of product and are especially effective for flavouring cream-based masses, gateaux, chocolate centres and ice cream. All of Kessko's products can be supplied in larger containers where a significant quantity is required.

Buderim Ginger Creme is a very smooth paste, fantastic in a ginger ganache or ginger fudge or even in a ginger crème brûlée.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
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SGF1800Colac Banana Flavour Paste1.15kg tub10£10.45
SGF1802Colac Cherry Flavour Paste1.15kg tub8£13.93
SGF1804Colac Forest Fruit Flavour Paste1.15kg tub9£16.47
SGF1806Colac Hazelnut Flavour Paste1.10kg tub11£25.10
SGF1808Colac Lemon Flavour Paste1.15kg tub12£16.40
SGF1810Colac Mocha Flavour Paste1.15kg tub12£18.79
SGF1812Colac Orange Flavour Paste1.15kg tub8£13.30
SGF1814Colac Passion Fruit Flavour Paste1.15kg tub8£12.01
SGF1816Colac Raspberry Flavour Paste1.15kg tub21£13.41
SGF1818Colac Salted Caramel Flavour Paste1.15kg tub22£10.31
SGF1820Colac Speculoos Flavour Paste(Spiced Biscuit)1.15kg tub11£10.50
SGF1822Colac Strawberry Flavour Paste1.15kg tub18£14.84