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Making your gelato truly unique means standing out and being able to ask a higher price. The Callebaut ChocoGelato products open up to a whole range of unique added-value concepts that respond to upcoming consumer trends.

Callebaut have created real chocolate gelato mixes for the most discerning gelato makers. Containing real Belgian chocolate and richer than any other recipe on the market, simply add hot liquid and pour the mixture into your gelato machine. With ChocoGelato, all of the hard work has been done for you!

Alternatively, combine either the milk or dark base mixes with the chocolate of your choice to create your own personalised recipe.


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Chocolate Bases
SGC2000ChocoGelato Nero; Base MixContains 52.5% Dark Chocolate1.6kg bag52£15.48
SGC2002ChocoGelato Extra Fondente; Base MixContains 60% Dark Chocolate1.6kg bag17£14.64
SGC2004ChocoGelato Fondente; Base MixContains 61.5% Dark Chocolate1.6kg bag12£14.48
SGC2006ChocoGelato Gold; Base MixContains 60% Caramel Chocolate1.6kg bag25/04/18£17.16
SGC2008ChocoGelato Bianco; Base MixContains 70% White Chocolate1.6kg bag24£15.42
SGC2010ChocoGelato Fior di Cao; Base MixContains 12% Cocoa Butter1.6kg bag32£17.16
Base Mixes
SGC1006Colac Complete Neutral Base Mix20kg box2£0.00
SGC1006PColac Complete Neutral Base Mix2kg bag72£11.80
SGC1000ChocoBase Dark; Base MixContains 10% Dark Chocolate800g bag59£8.33
SGC1002ChocoBase Milk; Base MixContains 20% Milk Chocolate800g bag64£9.83
This is 100% Belgian Chocolate for use with SGC1000 ChocoBase.
SGC1500ChocoGrattato; Chocolate Powder for GelatoContains 100% Dark Chocolate800g bag7£5.78
Sorbet Bases
SGC2500ChocoGranita; Mix for Sicilian Choc GranitaFondente; Contains 46.5% Dark Chocolate800g bag8£7.34