Buying Culinary Alcohols

Cointreau Bottle

Using alcohol concentrates is not about getting a buzz, it’s about the flavour it can impart to your product. A bottle of perfume typically contains more than 80% alcohol because it is such an effective carrier for aromas. But in just the same way, alcohol is also a fantastic carrier for some quite unique flavours.

To illustrate this point, Cointreau is often used more widely as a flavour or flavour enhancer where the brand is not even mentioned, than where it is used for the brand itself. Cointreau is universally recognised as the best triple sec available but it is also very effective to strengthen other flavours, such as strawberry, melon and even mint. Of course it also acts to increase shelf life.

Why concentrates instead of regular drinking alcohols?

Simply because alcohol concentrates typically have at least 2-4 times the flavour strength of the corresponding drinking version, which means they are much more economical to use. Also, since you need to incorporate less liquid into your recipe, they are much less likely to destabilise your product.

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