Power Flowers™
Colour Concentration Calculator

Power Flowers™ are a revolutionary method to colour chocolate, cocoa butter, compounds and fillings.

Using the four colours, red, blue, yellow and white (available as AZO and non-AZO colours) and with the Colour Master as your guide, you can create almost every colour imaginable for any fat based product! For more information on Power Flowers™, please click here.

We have developed the calculator below to help you check that your proposed use of colouring complies with current EU legislation on maximum permissible concentrations of the various pigments used in the Power Flowers™, measured in mg of pigment per kg of final product. Please see the examples below for how to use the calculator (these are not recipes).

When adding in the number of petals below, please note on the Colour Master 0.12 corresponds to ½ a petal, 0.25 to 1 petal, 0.37 to 1 ½ petals etc.

My Final Product

Weight of batch of final product

kgs (Box 1)
Power Flowers™ used in whole batch Whole flowers added Petals added
(Non AZO) (E171 - titanium dioxide)
(Non AZO) (E133 - brilliant blue FCF)
(Non AZO) (E120 - carmine)
(AZO) (E129 - allura red AC)
(Non AZO) (E100 - curcumine)
(AZO) (E102 - tartrazine)
Compliance Table
The maximum allowed concentration of color in a final product MUST be in accordance to the EU legislation. (mg/kg)
in final product
Confectionery Decorations Bakery Products
(E171 - titanium dioxide)
(E133 - brilliant blue FCF)
(E120 - carmine)
(E129 - allura red AC)
(E100 - curcumine)
(E102 - tartrazine)


Power Flowers™ weigh 1g each and consist of 60% cocoa butter and 40% colouring. The table below shows the concentrations of pigments in each power flower as well as the maximum concentrations permitted of each of these pigments in different product categories in the EU.

  Concentration of
Pigment per
Power Flower
Max allowed in
Max allowed in
Max allowed in
Bakery Products
(E171 - titanium dioxide) 400,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
(E133 - brilliant blue FCF) 56,000 300 500 200
(E120 - carmine) 380,000 300 500 200
(E129 - allura red AC) 176,000 300 500 200
(E100 - curcumine) 60,000 300 500 200
(E102 - tartrazine) 112,000 300 500 200

Disclaimer: The above information is provided in good faith and Keylink Limited accepts no liability in the event of changes to the legislation or a difference in the interpretation of EU legislation in individual countries.

Example A

Coloured Chocolate Bars

Consider making a batch of 40 x 100g chocolate bars, coloured Yellow 3D from Colour Master, so 10 in total.

Enter "4" in Box 1

Enter "10" in the ‘whole flowers added’ box for Yellow AZ0 or Non AZ0

Evample B

Red Heart Praline with Truffle Filling

Consider making a batch of 80 x 10g pralines, with a red shell, batch size 800g. If praline is 50% chocolate shell and 50% filling, then total weight of chocolate to be coloured is 400g. Use 1 red ‘AZO’ Power Flower™ per 400g chocolate, so only 1 is required.

Enter "0.8" in Box 1

Enter "1" in the ‘whole flowers added’ box for RED AZO colour used. This is will create colour Red 5 D on the AZO Colour Master.

(Please note that if you use Non-AZO this is above legislation levels)

Example C

Blue Hollow Chocolate Egg

Consider making a batch of 10 x 200g hollow figures to colour match Colour ‘Blue 11B’ on the Non-AZO Colour Master.

Enter "2" in box 1

Enter "40" in the ‘whole flowers added’ box for White Non-AZO and 10 of Blue Non-AZO

Example D

Biscuit Part Dipped in Red chocolate

Consider making a batch of 2kg of biscuits. Assume you use 200g of coloured chocolate which requires ½ a red power flower to colour it.

Enter "2.2" in Box 1

Enter "2" in the petals added box for red colour used.

If using the AZO colours it will create colour Red 5 D and for Non AZO you’ll create Fuchsia 6 D on the appropriate Colour Master