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Valrhona's Story

Known for making some of the finest chocolate on both a consumer and industrial level, the Keylink range of Valrhona chocolates are of superb consistency and fine quality. Perfect for chocolatiers, bakers and pastry chefs! In their own unique drop design (called fèves), these also make stylish decorations atop bakery products.

Their Chocolate Range

Keylink offers 15 of Valrhona’s fine chocolates, from the intense 72% Araguani to a biscuity 40% Jivara Lactee and a smooth 31% Satilia Blanche. Every one of their chocolates also has a marked flavour profile, meaning chocolatiers have access to unique chocolate options and perfectly balanced flavours with every batch.

Ethics & Sustainability

As Valrhona are a B-Corp, (a label that recognises the most ethically committed companies, meeting the highest standards in their social and environmental impact) they have the aim of creating a fairer, more sustainable cocoa industry while concocting truly unique and special chocolates.

Their sustainability work and pledges move far beyond this however. Their carbon footprint at their Tain-l’Hermitage factory has been reduced by 57% since 2013, 83% of their packaging is recyclable and their water consumption has been reduced by 60% since 2013. Valrhona are acutely aware of the environmental impact of manufacturing and take the necessary steps to mitigate this. 

Bitter and Brilliant

Guanaja dark chocolate offers a fabulous wine-like flavour pofile with an overarching bitter note. Perfect for those intense and indulgent recipes.

Illustrious Ivoire

Ivoire takes the classic white chocolate and balances the flavour perfectly. Allowing the milk and vanilla to complement each other with every bite.

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