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Dependably delicious chocolate for all chocolatiers and bakers.

Taste the Best of Belgian Chocolate.

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The Barry Callebaut Brand

Barry Callebaut products cover applications for chocolatiers, bakers, chefs and patisserie chefs, ensuring a consistent chocolate with high-quality flavours, every time.

Barry Callebaut is just one of the brands under the umbrella of Barry Callebaut Group, which also includes Callebaut and Cacao Barry, Mona Lisa Studio, Stewart & Arnold and Van Houten.

The Range

The Barry Callebaut range of chocolate and cocoa products is ideal for bakers and chefs producing a large number of desserts or chocolates and in need of the finest quality ingredients.

The chips, chunks and coatings are perfect for those in need of large scale quantity, without sacrificing quality. While the Imperial Medium ticks all the boxes for a classic dark chocolate, and Barry Callebaut’s choffies (chocolate covered toffee) are the perfect addition to a batch of muffins!

Ethics & Sustainability

With their mission to make sustainable chocolate the norm, Barry Callebaut created ‘Forever Chocolate’. This formed the plan to address challenges in the cocoa industry and ensure farmers’ human rights are upheld, sustainable ingredients are used, all while allowing the natural habitat of cocoa plantations to thrive and for the farmers to prosper.

By 2025, more than 500,000 farmers in their supply chain will have been lifted out of poverty, their entire supply chain will be covered by Human Rights Due Diligence, remediating all identified child labour cases, while using 100% certified or verified cocoa and being forest positive. 

Chewy Choffies

Bakestable chocolate coated toffies, Barry Callebaut's choffies are a perfect addition to any baker's arsenal.

Milk Chocolate Drops

For that classic known and loved flavour, Barry Callebaut's milk chocolate drops are bakestable and delicious.

Get Inspired

Elevate your chocolate creations with the Barry Callebaut range.

Take a look at our Recipe Book in the Resources Hub for more ideas.

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