About Ravifruit

Since 1981, Ravifruit has established itself as one of the world’s leading suppliers of frozen and ambient fruits to professionals in the catering sector as well as to industry. Ravifruit’s reputation has been built on their absolute commitment to select only the very best fruits that nature has to offer coupled with a strong culture of innovation. Since 1996, Ravifruit has been a part of the Kerry Group.

As a result, from its beginnings as a specialist in frozen fruit purées, Ravifruit became the first company to create ready-to-use fruit coulis (1988), ambient pasteurised fruit purées (1991), aromatic fruit purées (2003) and is still the only company to offer frozen fruit grains (2005).

To ensure consistency in the taste, texture and colour of its fruit, Ravifruit has a policy of always buying from the same place, unlike some companies that will simply buy the cheapest fruit available from season to season. Most of the fruit is bought locally in the Rhone valley, France’s biggest fruit production area and the buying power of Kerry ensures excellent quality at the best possible price. A contractually imposed set of strict rules imposed on farmers regarding treatment of fruit trees and timing of harvest to guarantee same BRIX (sugar content), pH, ripeness, pesticide residue content, etc

Keylink have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for England and Wales for all Ravifruit products and launched the range with Ambient Fruit purées.

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